Jail Administrator:  Lt. Steven P. Lemire
To determine the days and times for inmate visitation,
take the first letter in inmates last name and use chart below.
Male Inmates
A-E visit on Monday night  6 pm to 9 pm and  first sunday of  the month   6 pm to 9 pm
F-I visit on Tuesday night 6pm  to 9pm and second sunday of  the month 6pm to  9pm
M-R visit Wednesday night 6pm to 9pm and  third  sunday  of  the  month 6pm to 9 pm
S-Z visit Thursday night 6pm to 9pm and fourth sunday of the month 6pm to 9pm

Female Inmates
A-Z visit Friday night  6pm  to  9pm and second saturday of the month   6pm  to 9pm
Check  Roscommon weather by using the
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Send inmate mail to :

Roscommon Jail,
c/o inmates name
111 S. Second Street,
Roscommon, Michigan 48653
There are currently 11 correctons officers and 4 corporals

Corrections phone (989) 275-9070
Applications for Corrections are directed to;