MARCH 15, 2008
Divers participating; Dean Maeder, AJ Palmerton, Rob Holliday, Mike Richardson, Laurie Smith Tudor
Mike Richardsons fins getting ready to enter the water-Laurie Smith Tudor taking photograps already under the water.
Mike attaching safety line to Palmerton prior to dive.
Mike with head and hand against the ice.
Mike getting ready to exit the ice after diving.
Mike under the ice, you can see bubbles against the ice above his head.
Entrance hole with sun shining through.
AJ and Rob entering the water.
Dean as line tender, Mike standing by as safety diver
Pictures by Laurie Smith Tudor
Dean, AJ and Rob getting ready to cut a hole in the ice with the chain saw.
Pictures of Mike as he enters and as he exits the water
Shadows of line tenders on surface looking up through entrance hole
Mike surrounded in bubbles
Diver in the entrance hole
Mike kneeling, AJ Palmerton and Rob Holliday getting ready to dive - good shot showing attachment of safety lines - carabined to diver harness under BC then looped around wrist so diver can signal the line tender.
Torch Lake Dive